The Lighting Thief

The Lighting Thief

Hey people it’s scoop girl and i’m here with the review for the first book of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series ( I will be referring to this series as PJO just so everyone knows and is not confused).  So now onto the review, The Lightning Thief is a very good book that I feel everyone should read.  If you don’t like to read this is a good book to start with it gets you hooked quickly and has many twist, turns and cliffhangers to keep you wanting more.  This book has many memorable characters, my personal favorite, Annabeth Chase.


Summary: In the fantasizing children’s novel The Lightning Thief  you follow twelve year old Percy Jackson as he discovers everything he learns in latin class is true.  Percy Jackson was considered a troubled kid and was always pushed around and he soon discovers that six grade bullies aren’t his biggest problem.  


Age: 9-12 ( even if you are older than twelve you can still read this book)


Disclaimer all rights, characters and plot lines belong to Rick Riordan.

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