The Sea of Monsters

The Sea of Monsters

Hey world of people in this age that still read, this is the second book of the PJO series review chain thing.  YEAH.  So, moving on this book is a very good book like the first book of the series  The Lightning Thief.  Oh, I forgot to tell you the name of the book cause you know i’m a genius, it is…… THE SEA OF MONSTERS!!!!!!!  YAY 🙂 Ok back on track now, this is a very good book and is hilarious because Percy finds out a little secret about his family that makes him think he’s being trolled and Annabeth wants to go hide in a hole.  And before you go thinking woah hold on a minute Annabeth, the ANNABETH CHASE is afraid of something.  You get to know why if you read the book so… READ IT!!!


SUMMARY:  Percy Jackson is now in seventh grade.  Things had been quiet, too quiet.  One thing leads to another and next thing he knows a friendly game of dodgeball turns it to a fight to save him and his classmates lives.  An unexpected visit from Annabeth brings bad news.  Someone has poisoned Thalia’s tree!!  Not to mention a secret revealed about Percy’s family on his godly side that makes him the laughing stock of camp.


AGE GROUP: 9 to 12




Annabeth: Come on Scoop Girl tell them the truth

Me: But I don’t want to

Percy: tell them

Annabeth: *Holds dagger to my throat* TELL THEM.

Me: *states quickly* Rick Riordan owns PJO

Annabeth: *Releases me* Good   

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