The Titans Curse

The Titans Curse

Hello world.  I have seriously been dreading reviewing this book for a long time because it is just so sad but so good that… I can’t the feels are just too much.  Anyway break out your tissue boxes and double chocolate ice cream cause you are going to need it.  I seriously can’t right now I read this book 2 years ago and it still hits me this hard.  Ugh you know what just go to the summary  just move on.


SUMMARY: Ok i’m good now on to the summary.  In the Titan’s Curse… wait hold up did I even introduce the book wow just wow ok so it is The Titan’s Curse.  Now to the summary for real.  In the Titan’s Curse, Percy and his friends must venture to find the goddess Artemis who has been kidnapped.  They also must find the monster that Artemis was hunting.  This monster is  very powerful and could overthrow olympus.


AGE: 9-12




Grover: Scoop Girl tell them quickly before Annabeth comes!!!


Me: Well Grover I obviously don’t own PJO because if I did so many people would not die in this BOOK!!!!!


Annabeth: Did you do your disclaimer yet?


Me: Yes.  You obviously did not hear the yelling?


Percy: Did she do the disclaimer thingy?

Me: -_-

Me: I.  Can’t.  Even.

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