The Last Olympian

The Last Olympian

Hey! It’s Scoop Girl and today I’m going to be reviewing The Last Olympian.  Unfortunately this draws the close to the Percy Jackson series.  There will be no more of these books :(.  Well let’s close it off strong was basically all Rick Riordan had to say about this book because that is exactly what he did.  This book makes me want to smile, jump up and down from excitement, and cry at the same time.  It’s amazing like my emotions honestly don’t know what to do with themselves.


SUMMARY: In this book Kronos’s forces are getting stronger and planning their attack on the empire state building.  Typhon is getting stronger and coming to destroy New York.  Will Percy and Camp Half-Blood be able to stop them and will everyone survive if they do.


AGE: 10+


DISCLAIMER: These wonderful books belong to Rick Riordan.



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