The Selection Series: Spoiler Free Review

The Selection Series: Spoiler Free Review

Hey Guys!  What’s up? Today I’m going to be reviewing The Selection Series by Kiera Cass.  Now before you read this and think: Why are you telling me to read these because from what you are saying I should just never pick it up?  Ok, let’s settle something right now I do not “hate” this series, nor do I “hate” this author.  I simply am very frustrated with certain character traits in these books.  Now my feelings on this series, in general, are neutral, I didn’t love it and I didn’t hate it.  I do applaud Kiera Cass for the fact that even though I was completely neutral for most of these books (except The Elite but I’ll get to that later)  I still finished all three of these books and a novella from this series in a week.  ONE WEEK!  I never read books that fast and I had school when I read these but I still read them in a week.  Let me tell you something about these books, they are like crack.  It’s like watching the Bachelor where you turn it on and then your like I’m going to just change the channel and next thing you know you’ve been there watching it for an hour and a half.  Ok so you have been warned no matter if you end up hating, loving or being in between you will still be sucked into this world and you will not get out of it until you finish it.  Now that that’s finished my letter grading for these books are in general pretty ok.  The Selection I would give a solid 90% so an A-,  The Elite I give an 82% so a B-, and The One I give an 89% so B+.  I know what your thinking why is The Elite so lowly rated, now this is not a spoiler before everyone gets mad at me but our main character America Singer is the most indecisive, annoying, irritating protagonist no, not just protagonist, a character that I have ever read about in my life.  In The Elite her indecision is so prominent that it actually took away from the book for me and that’s why I rated it so low.  The other two books were good not the best but good enough to get 4 stars on Goodreads.One thing I absolutely love about this series is that it is a dystopian series and I love dystopian.  Also, this series is considered to be five books as the last two books were added on years later and are about a America’s daughter.  I read The Selection, The Elite, and The One as a trilogy and have not read nor do I plan on reading the next two books The Heir and The Crown as I feel the story was completed in the first three books and have no need to go one.

Summary for The Selection which is the first book in the series:  The Selection, a cutthroat competition that happens every 19 years for most girls the opportunity to be picked to compete to be the Prince’s bride is a blessing, but for America Singer, it’s a curse.  It means having to turn her back on her family, her home, and her secret love for Aspen.  It means having to fight for something she doesn’t want and having to live in a palace that is constantly attacked.

Age: 13+

Genere: Science Fiction, Dystopian

Disclaimer: These books, characters, and plot lines belong to Kiera Cass

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