Zenith: Spoiler-Free Review

Zenith: Spoiler-Free Review

Hey Book Lovers!! What’s Up? Today I’m going to be reviewing Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings. Now I’m sad to say that I didn’t completely love Zenith while the plot of the book was very interesting and the end was fantastic I feel that there were a few problems in this book. I’m going to go through the good, the bad, the ugly (there’s not very much of it I assure you), and the pretty as best as I can in a spoiler-free format.  My first major problem with Zenith is that it is a very slow book in the beginning. I’m one of those people that have so many books to read that if I feel a book is very slow and not somewhat grabbing my attention by the fifth or sixth chapter I will DNF it. Now when I bought Zenith it was a bit after the initial release of the book and I, therefore, had read some of the reviews on the book. This didn’t exactly directly affect my reading experience as I didn’t really trust many of the reviews, but the few that I did said that the ending was amazing this essentially kept me from DNFing the book even when I felt I could have been spending my time reading other things.  The slowness in which the book moved also ended up with me starting Zenith when I got it on February 24th and finishing it on April 20th that is the longest it has taken me to read a book in years. It was worth it, in the end, to get to the ending, which was fantastic, but this leads me to my second problem with Zenith which is that the book is so long. Don’t get me wrong I’m the kind of person that would walk outside wearing a shirt that says “I like big books and I can not lie”, but this book just felt extremely long. Now Zenith is 534 pages long which is considerably long, but I have read longer books in about two days. What really got me about the length of the book was that I kept thinking to myself while reading “This could have been shorter.” or “Is this scene really essential to the plot?”.  I don’t mind books that are long as long as they have a reason to be long if the book was maybe in the 430 pages range I feel like it would have flowed so much better. Now that we’ve gotten all the negative stuff out of the way let’s talk about the good stuff. This is going to relatively shorter than the bad stuff because I can only say so much without spoiling Zenith. Now one of my favorite things in this book was the plot. The plot is fantastically calculated to form a beautiful story and the ending was absolutely fantastic and I didn’t even anticipate it coming (which is great!). Another thing I loved were the characters and their personalities, they were very well developed and in a book with multiple POVs that is essential. Speaking of multiple POVs, Sasha or Lindsay if you’re reading this, which I doubt, can we have a Gilly POV in the next book she’s my favorite character. Now that’s basically the end of the review portion now on to my rating and the summary of the book.

My Rating: 76%, C or ⅗ stars


The summary can be found here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31394234-zenith


The Genre: Fiction and Science Fiction


Age Range: 13-18 (There were no explicit sexual scenes but somethings were implied) Basically don’t let anyone under the age of 12 read this

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